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What is rare metals?

Rare metals are chemical and metallic elements that have great economic value and are precious.

The reactivity of these metals is less than other elements chemically.

They are flexible and bright.

These days, they are used in industry and for investment and one of the options

For investing is precious metals.

The consumption of rare and precious metals refers to 8000 years ago.
For the first time, these metals were used in order to manufacture jewelry and decorative items.
The usage of these items is dependent on each country and region.

Two example of rare metals:

Two elements that are rarely found on the Earth’s crust are titanium and chromium, which are rare elements.

This is because they are an essential element in the industry and are used to enhance the properties of iron.

What are the 14 rare earth metals?

  1. Cerium
  2. Holmium
  3. Lanthanum
  4. Dysprosium erbium
  5. Praseodymium
  6. Samarium
  7. Lutetium
  8. Neodymium
  9. Europium
  10. Gadolinium
  11. Promethium
  12. Terbium
  13. Ytterbium
  14. Thulium

What are the applications of rare metals?

  • Rare metals have many users today. Some applications:
  • The automotive industry
  • Construction
  • Road construction
  • Airport equipment
  • Jeweler
  • Aerospace
  • Battery making
  • Power plant
  • Energy
  • Melting metals
  • Electronic

Rare metals in worldwide:

In some cases, the new demand for these metals was so high that it was not anticipated, so that some consumers, when prices fluctuated a lot, significantly increased their inventory by buying more. Supply issues for these metals, which are usually consumables in by-products of various base metals, are also very different. Another complex factor that has affected or affected itself is the Chinese Technical Metal Exchange, in which a number of associated metals such as indium, germanium, bismuth, cobalt, antimony, vanadium, selenium and tellurium are traded. The boom in the world economy has a huge impact on the precious metals markets.