Nickel Wire 0,025 mm, GOST 2179-75, DKRNT with 99,98%

Nickel is shiny, malleable and durable metal with cubic structure and crystalline in white and silver color. This element is the fifth most common element on Earth and it’s formed in the earth’s crust and core. Sometimes nickel alloys can be more useful and better than others. The excellent flexibility of nickel has made it possible to produce Nickel wire 0.025mm. This is the answer that why we use nickel wire. Nickel wire 0.025mm , GOST 2179-75, DKRNT with 99,98% purity is used in special fields.

nickel wire 0025mm

Familiarize with nickel wire characteristics.

Nickel wire at extremely high levels has the ability to resist corrosion, rupture and oxidization from water and air. The top layer of nickel protects the compound from chemicals so it is able to contact with alkalis and acids.

Nickel wire is resistant to melting which means is able withstand temperatures up to 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit. Other metal alloys have a low melting point, but nickel does not.

Also, Nickel wire has a strong magnetic property, but this is only the case when the wire has not been heated. it will lose its magnetic abilities when heated to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is easily alloyed with other elements very malleable also It is similar to iron and cobalt in terms of magnetic properties and chemical activity. Due to its catalytic properties, it can be 100% recycled.

What is Nickel wire 0.025mm 99.98 used in?

Now it’s time to know about Nickel wire 0.025mm usage. Due to the extraordinary chemical and physical properties of nickel, it can be used in the following fields:

  • Nuclear power plants
  • Aerospace industry
  • Defense industry
  • Steel production industries: About 65% of the nickel used in the world is used to make stainless steels. Also, 12% of it is used for super alloys such as corrosion resistant alloys.
  • Battery manufacturing industries
  • Chrome plating industries
  • Marine industry, in ships and desalination projects
  • Foundry and sheet metal products
  • Making kitchen appliances
  • Electronics industry
  • Automotive industries, tankers and trains
  • Making special alloys such as alnico used in magnets
  • Use of nickel-iron alloy in lead frames
  • Smart wires or memory alloys used in robots
  • Plating industries
  • Using copper-nickel-tin alloy in springs, paper clips
  • Vacuum device
  • Filter screen
  • Electric light
  • Chemical industry

Nickel consumption per capita in the world.

  • 70% production of stainless steels
  • 9% manufacture of non-ferrous alloys
  • 8% plating
  • 9% steel alloys and castings
  • 3% manufacture of batteries
  • 1% other uses.

ZTI Invest GmbH supplies Nickel wire 0.025mm.

Our company, ZTI Invest GmbH, can offer Nickel wire 0.025 mm in all three high purity standards NP0, NP1, NP2, DKRNT GOST 2179-75.

  • NP0 DKRNT > 99.99%
  • NP1 DKRNT 99.90- 99.98%
  • NP2 DKRNT 99.80- 99.89%

We can regularly supply these items at competitive prices. All our nickel wires are certified by a high-ranked European Company, IGAS Research Germany, and stored in their safe house.

All of the official documents, SKR, Valuation, Analysis, and Proof of Deposit, are issued by IGAS as well. The SKR (Safekeeping Receipt) can be a financial instrument for a Collateral/ Lombard Loan.

How much does nickel wire 0.025mm cost?

These wires are produced using highly specialized and complex manufacturing processes, which involves refining nickel to achieve such high purity levels. This process requires advanced technologies and skilled technicians, which increases the production cost.

Due to the high demand and limited supply of NP0, NP1, and NP2, their prices are considerably higher than those of regular nickel wires. The rarity of these ultra-pure nickel wires further adds to their premium price, making them one of the most expensive metals available in the market.

For those who are serious investors looking to invest in high-value commodities or require dependable SKR for their financial operations, we invite you to reach out to us. Our team at ZTI Invest GmbH specializes in providing ultra-thin, ultra-pure nickel wire 0.025mm with a purity of over 99.9%, available in NP0, NP1, NP2, GOST 2179-75, and DKRNT. We can provide you with a quote tailored to your specific needs and answer any questions you may have about the properties of NP0, NP1, and NP2.

At ZTI Invest GmbH, we take pride in offering our clients access to the highest quality materials available on the market. We believe that investing in these types of materials is a smart choice for those looking for long-term growth and stability. If you’re interested in learning more about the future of investment in these kinds of materials or would like to discuss your specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why is nickel wire 0.025mm a great investment choice?

Ultra-thin and ultra-pure nickel wire 0.025mm with a purity over 99.9% is a great investment choice because of its unique properties and increasing demand in various industries. This material is essential in the production of microelectronic components, which are critical in the electronics industry, such as smartphones, computers, and other high-tech devices.

Furthermore, this material has excellent electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature resistance, making it a preferred choice in the aerospace industry. Its high purity also makes it ideal for medical applications, such as in pacemakers and other medical devices, where impurities can cause adverse effects.

The limited availability of high-quality nickel wire also makes it a valuable investment. As demand continues to increase in various industries, the price is likely to rise, making it a potentially profitable investment opportunity.

Overall, investing in ultra-thin and ultra-pure nickel wire 0.025mm is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-value commodity with a potentially significant return on investment.