ZTI Invest GmbH:

ZTI also offers construction materials such as gypsum, cement, steel and etc.

At ZTI, client needs are prioritized. Client satisfaction with the construction materials used in their projects is one of the ZTI’s goals.

What are construction materials?

Construction materials are materials or goods that can be used for incorporation into the building and the contractor will order them.

In the construction of a building, different materials are used, which are natural or artificial, raw or combined with unique characteristics.

Construction materials have wide variety and usage in the construction industries, so engineers and construction projects managers verify and approve the materials and methods of their use.

Familiarity with these materials is necessary in order to draw construction plans and execution them, also engineers and construction projects managers should be well acquainted with construction materials and materials in order to build a strong and durable structure.

Types of materials based on kind

Simple materials : The components of simple materials are similar to each other. Materials such as sand, brick, cement and blocks are considered as simple materials.

Composite materials : Composite materials are produced from the combination of several simple materials. Types of mortar, concrete and etc. are composite materials.

Types of building materials based on production method

Construction materials are produced in different ways and provided to the consumer. In general, it can be said that the materials are precast or produced on site.

What are the major construction materials?

  • Mud and clay
  • Rock
  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Plastic
  • Cement composites

What are modern construction materials?

With the improvement of science and technology and the use of new methods, construction materials with better quality and resistance are produced. These materials increase the life of the structure and have the necessary resistance against various factors.

Nano technology is one of the technologies used in materials production. In this technology, adding nano particles to materials increases their quality and efficiency.

Nano materials show good resistance against weather changes, fatigue, corrosion, demolition and sulfate attack.

Precast gypsum panels

Sponge concrete

Polycarbonate sheet

Thermal tile

Smart frosted glass

Aluminum composite panel

High performance concrete

Self–compacting concrete

What are the most common construction materials?

The most common materials that have been used since time immemorial and still hold a special place in the architecture and construction industry are wood, cement, metal, brick and concrete. These materials are used in various projects due to their high resistance and affordable cost.

Today, new and modern construction materials are produced and marketed, which have several capabilities and advantages compared to old materials.

What is the strongest construction material?

Steel is the strongest construction material available and cannot be compared to wood in terms of strength.