The right investment can preserve the value of your property. With the right investment, the future will be yours. In today’s modern and developing world, most people and companies are investing. Considering the global trends towards rare metals, big investors thought of safe and secure investment to ensure profitability and global acceptance. Meanwhile, nickel wire 0.025mm has become a familiar name among large investment companies and it is an excellent and extraordinary investment opportunity. Follow us to the end of this blog to start investing.

who are nikel wire buyers and investor

Who are the nickel wire buyers?

Nickel wire buyers can be individuals or organizations that require nickel wire for various applications such as electronics, aerospace, power generation, and battery production. Some common nickel wire buyers include manufacturers of electronic components, battery producers, aerospace companies, and power generation companies. Other buyers could be wholesalers, distributors, and retailers who supply nickel wire to end-users or to other businesses. Additionally, individuals or companies who require nickel wire for specialized applications or DIY projects can also be considered as nickel wire buyers.

Generally, nickel wire is used in the fields of exact sciences, industrial production, modern technologies, nanotechnology and high-precision technologies. Therefore, most of the nickel wire buyers are those who are active in these fields.

Who is the biggest nickel supplier?

Investors interested in nickel stocks are often curious about which countries produce the most nickel. According to the US Geological Survey, total nickel reserves are estimated about 94 million tones globally, which Indonesia and Australia are the largest endowments among the countries.

Which industry uses nickel the most?

The fortunes of nickel assets began to change as the metal became a key ingredient in rechargeable batteries. With the acceleration of the electric car revolution, the nickel market with the grade used in batteries began to shrink, and this event increased the value of those deposits. Investors in the field of electric vehicle are aware of the special importance of using nickel wire in the battery cathode of these types of cars. Since technology is always advancing, experts predict that the demand and price of nickel wire for electric vehicle will increase but nowadays the stainless-steel industry uses nickel the most. In 2021, the stainless-steel industry accounted for 69% of the primary nickel consumption worldwide and China is a top stainless-steel consumer.

Nickel wire 0.025mm is a great trading opportunity

Traders are one of the nickel wire buyers. These days, the trading market, especially digital trading, has become very prosperous and has many fans. Bitcoin is known and traded as a famous digital currency among traders. But today we want to introduce a new opportunity to you who are trading. Nickel wire 0.025mm is a great trading opportunity. Nickel wire has many advantages. One of these advantages is its increasing price. Price is a very important issue that traders and investors always consider next to profitability and global acceptance. It’s safe keeping receipt (SKR) is another advantage of nickel wire, which you can use as a financial instrument for collateral and Lombard loans. In this regard, you can read the blog we wrote on “5 reasons why nickel wire is expensive”. The application of nickel wire 0.025mm is being developed, so this is one of the important features of nickel wire that makes it a profitable and beneficial investment.

Trade or investment?

As we said, nickel wire 0.025mm is a great investment and trading opportunity. But the question may be raised, which method is more profitable? This question cannot be answered definitively because both of these methods are profitable in turn. The answer to this question requires expertise and further investigations. Also, each person or organization has different interests and needs. You can get advice from ZTI Invest GmbH company in the fields of investment and trade of nickel wire 0.025mm or buy from our company.

At the end

Considering that technology is improving every day, we should think about the newest and most reliable way to invest and trade. As we have discussed in this blog, nickel wire 0.025mm is an extremely exceptional and new opportunity to invest and trade. For more information on nickel wire 0.025mm and other rare elements, read our other blogs.

Global supply chain bottlenecks and material shortages have limited supply in the face of strong demand for stainless steel and batteries for electric vehicle production. In this article, we are going to discuss and analyze the nickel price and the important factors which affect it, as well as nickel reserves. Stay with us for more information about nickel wire.

5 reasons why nickel wire is expensive

Why nickel wire is so expensive?

Nickel is the fifth most common element on earth and has many properties and usage. Nickel consumption per capita in the world is high and almost 70% of it is used in the production of stainless steel. Nickel is available in the form of ingots, grains and wire. The use of nickel wire is more common than other types. A very important issue for buyers is the nickel wire price. Nickel wire is so expensive and it depends on many factors.

In the following, we will examine the factors affecting the price of nickel wire 0025mm.

  • Purity:

The first factor is the purity percentage of the nickel wire. Of course, As the purity percentage get higher, the price increases. The process of preparing high purity nickel wire is difficult and expensive, so these factors can play a significant role in determining its price.

  • Production of nickel wire:

The production method of nickel wire 0.025mm is difficult and sensitive because nickel is a heavier metal than gold, which makes it more expensive than gold wire. Melting nickel requires a lot of energy due to its high resistance and its impurity compared to other metals such as gold, which makes the production process very expensive. This issue is one of the important reasons why nickel wire is expensive.

Another factor that affects the nickel wire price is nickel wire thickness. As well as each gram of nickel wire is 227 meters long.

  • One of the reasons for the high price of nickel wire is its usage and properties:

Due to the high resistance of nickel against corrosion, melting, rupture and its magnetic properties, nickel wire is widely used in nuclear powerplants, aerospace industry, defense industry and etc.

  • Recyclability:

This metal also has catalytic properties and can be recycled 100%. It’s one of the best features of nickel, which makes it a rare metal.

  • Safe keeping receipt (SKR):

The product standard certificate allows you to use it as a financial instrument for collateral and bank loans. All these five reasons are the answer to the question why nickel wire is expensive. We will examine other questions in the following.

Is nickel in high demand?

Since nickel wire has many properties and applications, its global demand will gently increase. According to the news on the Reuters website, the global demand for nickel should increase 44% by the next decade (2030). This is due to the increasing demand for electric vehicle batteries, which will make nickel wire more expensive.

Where are the largest nickel reserves and will we run out of nickels?

The largest nickel reserves are located in the Philippines, Russia and Indonesia. You may be wondering when the nickel deposits will run out. It is impossible to say for sure, but based on currently available data, it can be predicted that known nickel deposits will run out in the early 2040s. This issue can make nickel wire more expensive in the future.

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Mr. Cyrus Zareen is the founder and CEO of company with +20 years Leadership experience from various manufacturing industries and he is an ambitious, inspirational, analytic and strategic commercial professional. Also, he educated as electronic engineer with extensive education in management from Norway. If you are a major investor and want to invest in high-value commodities or need to have reliable SKR to use it in your operation, contact us. You can communicate with our consultants through email and phone numbers and collaborate with ZTI investment company.

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Mr. Cyrus Zareen is the founder and CEO of company with +20 years Leadership experience from various manufacturing industries and he is an ambitious, inspirational, analytic and strategic commercial professional. Also, he educated as electronic engineer with extensive education in management from Norway.



IGAS research company, SISCONETO ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS (SAS) GIREDMET and testing analytical center are ZTI partners. Our partners are the high ranked European Companies that supplies certificates for clients.


Rare Metals:

ZTI company offers rare metals in a specialized way. The company supplies Nickel Wire 0.025 mm and Copper Isotope powder as rare metals. Nickel Wire 0,025mm has different prices according to the purity percentage. The company sells Nickel Wire 0.025 mm + GOST 2179-75 + DKRNT with NP0, NP1, NP2 standards. Also, the company sells copper isotopes in powder form with 99.999% purity. You can contact Mr. Cyrus Zareen and check the price by visiting different parts of the site through communication channels and social networks.


Nickel Wire 0,025 mm, GOST 2179-75, DKRNT with 99,98%:

ZTI Invest GmbH can supply Nickel Wire 0,025 mm in all three high purity standards Nickel Wire 0,025 mm, GOST 2179-75, DKRNT with NP0, NP1, NP2 which are certified by a high ranked European Company, IGAS Research Germany. If you are a major investor and want to invest in high-value commodities or need to have reliable SKR to use it in your operation, please contact us.


Copper Isotopes:

ZTI supplies stable copper isotope powder that purity grade is 99.99% with after-sales services. It’s useful for medical and aerospace industries. Copper isotopes has been tested by GIREDMET testing analytical center and its purity percentage has been obtained then the certificate has been issued.




ZTI Invest GmbH supplies all of the official documents such as SKR, SBLC and BG. All these official documents can be used as financial instruments. Financial instruments are contracts between individuals that have monetary value and they can be use in fields of creating, purchasing, trading, modifying and settling.

The company is the owner of SKR for Nickel Wire deposited in Germany. In this case, the property owner decides to hand over his assets to a representative. That representative is usually a bank or financial institution. The trustee gives a confirmation to the owner. A contract is also concluded and the owner can send a confirmation to a third party that these steps sometimes cost.


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ZTI Invest GmbH supplies Agri-products such as animal feed and human feed around the world with perfect quality according to client needs. Agriculture provides the best opportunity to reduce poverty, hunger and malnutrition among the significant people globally. Putting an end to hunger and extreme poverty requires the transformation of the agricultural and food systems found in many developing countries.


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The company has a long-term service history and is ready to serve and meet the needs of the human feed section. Also, it has the ability to supply, market and sell fish from Norway. Wheat, corn, soy, rice and Animal husbandry are some of ZTI activities in the field of human feed.


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ZTI Invest GmbH has a long history of service and is ready to provide services in the field of Brazilian agricultural products. Soy, beef, sugar, poultry, coffee, wood, corn and cotton are Brazil’s most important agricultural exports. The export of Brazilian agricultural products in 2021 reached a historical figure of 120.4 billion dollars with a growth of 19.7%, because of increasing the price of export products.


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ZTI Invest GmbH provides high quality modern and common construction materials like cement, steel and etc. and pays attention to client needs. Construction materials are materials or goods that can be used for incorporation into the building and the contractor will order them. Construction materials have extensive variety and usage in the construction industries, so engineers and construction projects managers verify and approve the materials and methods of their use. With the improvement of science and technology and the use of new methods, construction materials with better quality and resistance are produced. These materials increase the life of the structure and have the necessary resistance against various factors. Nano technology is one of the technologies used in materials production. In this technology, adding nano particles to materials increases their quality and efficiency. Nano materials show good resistance against weather changes, fatigue, corrosion, demolition and sulfate attack.



ZTI Invest is ready to provide high quality petrochemicals products such as polymers, carbon, caustic soda, urea and etc. Petrochemicals are the chemical products obtained from petroleum by refining. Some chemical compounds made from petroleum are also obtained from other fossil fuels, such natural gas, coal or renewable sources.


Petrochemical products:

ZTI investment company based in Munich, Germany with long time of history and professional team is ready to provides in petrochemicals products. Our company supplies all the main materials and derivatives of petrochemical. The basic materials are Ethylene, Propylene, Butylene, Butadiene, Aromatics, Ammonia, and Methanol. And derivatives are: Styrene, Ethylene Glycol, Isobutylene, Acrylonitrile, and Glycerin.

Polyethylene is the most common plastic nowadays. Polyethylene is a type of polymer that is primarily used in the packaging and plastic industry, geomembranes and containers such as bottles, plastic pipes, piping fittings and so on.


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