To know how many isotopes does copper have? First, we need to get familiar with the copper element. Copper is a red-brown colored element which is known as a transition element. In Roman language it is known as “Caprum”. The characteristics of copper include malleability, flexibility. Moreover, conductivity of electricity and heat are the characteristics of copper which are well known globally. By the time copper is exposed to moist air, a green layer forms on its exterior.

how many isotopes does copper have

Where copper element (Cu-29) can be used?

The most common use of copper is as an electrical conductor. Furthermore, manufacturing water pipes is another use of copper element. Copper alloys are highly consumable in the jewelry industry and coin minting.

Does the copper element have isotopes?

You might be wondering if are there any isotopes in copper? The answer is yes. Copper (Cu 29) is the 29th element of the periodic table, which has a total of 29 isotopes and two of them are classified as stable copper isotopes. The most stable copper radioisotope is Cu-67, which has a lifetime of 61.83 hours, while Cu-54 is the least stable, with a lifetime of approximately 75 seconds. Majority of copper isotopes have a lifetime of less than one minute. Copper isotopes with an atomic mass less than 63 tend to decay β+, and isotopes with an atomic mass greater than 65 tend to decay β-. Meanwhile, 64Cu is decomposed by β+ and β-. Copper radioisotopes are very suitable for use in the field of nuclear medicine. Cu-64, Cu-62, Cu-61, and Cu-60 are being used for diagnostic purposes and Cu-67 and Cu-64 are used for radiotherapy. For example, Cu-64 is very suitable in the field of diagnostic PET imaging of biological molecules.

what is copper-67 used for?

An important question that is proposed in the discussion of copper isotopes is why is copper-67 important? According to the mentioned points, we can answer to this question. One of the abilities of copper 67 (Cu-67) is to carry enough radiation energy to cause cell death in target cells. Because copper-67 is a short-range beta-emitting radioisotope and this property has made this isotope popular in medical purposes.

What are stable isotopes of copper?

stable isotopes of copper

According to the previous part, copper (Cu-29) is a metal element which has two stable isotopes that are known as Cu-63 and Cu-65. Copper isotopes abundance respectively are 69.17% and 30.83% in nature. Copper isotopes uses are extensive and stable isotopes have variety in using which are suitable for producing radionuclides. All copper radionuclides can be used in life science for healthcare and medical applications and pharmaceuticals industries.

At the end

As we discussed in this blog, the copper element, or the twenty-ninth element of the periodic table, has a total of 29 isotopes, and two of them are in the category of copper stable isotopes. As copper is a very important and useful element, its isotopes also have many properties and usages too. For more information on copper isotopes and other rare elements, read our other blogs.

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ZTI has prepared this article for you in the direction of more information Copper Isotopes


Historically, the use of stable isotopes began in the 1960s for the production of industrial and medical radioisotopes. Atomic number and atomic mass of elements are among the most important properties that are studied in different elements and materials. These things help to recognize the elements and distinction between them. Atoms and elements are found in nature in different forms, each of these forms has its own characteristics. Meanwhile, the term used for atoms with the same atomic number and different atomic mass is called isotope. Isotope is a Greek word and refers to forms of atoms that differ in atomic mass. Copper isotopes are one of the most important isotopes.


For example, copper has two forms: copper 63, which is 70% of all copper in nature, and copper 65, which makes up 30% of the rest. Both Cu-63 and Cu-65 atoms have 29 protons, but Cu-63 has 34 neutrons and Cu-65 has 36 neutrons. Both isotopes have the same properties and are both stable. ZTI supplies copper isotopes 63 and 65 powder with 99.999% purity.



Stable isotopes of copper

In the copper element, in addition to a large number of radioisotopes, there are two stable isotopes Cu-63 and Cu-65. A large number of these radioisotopes have lifetimes of minutes or less, the longest being Cu-64, which has a lifetime of 12.7 hours.

Copper isotopes 63 and 65 are used in various industries. For example, copper isotopes 63 and 65 are used to study copper metabolism and gastrointestinal diseases.

In addition, copper-63 is used to produce the medical radioisotope Zn-62 and can also be used to produce copper-64, which is used in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

We would like to point out that copper 64 radioisotope is one of the most important copper radioisotopes, which emits gamma and beta rays and has a half-life of 12.7 hours (decrease in the activity of this radioisotope) used in studies of tumor metabolism and many types of cancer.


Applications of copper isotope

Copper provides a relatively large number of radioisotopes that are suitable for use in nuclear medicine.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of diseases

Stable isotopes as the main material or raw material for the production of various radiopharmaceuticals have wide applications in pharmaceutical sciences. Some of these applications include nuclear imaging, radiopharmaceutical diagnostics, radiopharmaceutical treatments, external radiotherapy, biochemical analyses.

  • In the field of industries

Among the applications of stable isotopes in industries, it can be seen in gamma photography, measuring systems and precision instruments, gas and smoke detection systems, mineral analyzes and processes.

  • In the environmental field

Among the applications of stable isotopes, we can mention the detection of the source of pollution, the monitoring of atmospheric gases, atmospheric studies and water cycle investigations.


Applications of copper isotope 63

The copper isotope 63 is used to produce the radionuclide zinc 62, which is used in health care and medical applications and the pharmaceutical industry. It’s also used for neutron spectrum measurements and high temperature superconductivity studies.


Applications of copper isotope 65

Copper 65 isotope is used for recording low level neutron flux, high temperature superconductivity studies, studies on copper metabolism and generation of activation indices for neutron flux.

Copper isotopes 63 and 65 with 99.999% purity are available in ZTI.


Types of ingots available

Copper isotope ingots are generally used in one-kilogram and five-kilogram molds. The appearance of the molds can be different according to the type of request.


Producing countries

The main producers of copper isotope are Russia, Ukraine, India, etc., which produce and supply this product with a purity of 99.999%.


Important factors in determining the price of Copper Isotope

  • The world price of copper
  • Efficiency and application of each isotope
  • The volume of demand for purchases
  • Currency fluctuations

According to the client’s needs, ZTI sells copper isotopes at reasonable prices, with high quality and purity.


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