Animal Feed


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Soybean meal:

Soybean meal is a product of oil production.

The oil in soybeans is heated ,extracted and processed with the remaining ingredients to form soybean meal.

One of the best sources of protein to supply the protein needed by poultry and livestock is soybean meal.

It has an average of 44% protein , tasty and the people used around the world.

Fodder corn:

One of the nutritious foods for livestock is forage, which is used in winter due to lack of access to them, but among the types of forage silage, the best type is forage corn, which is quite economical to buy. And is easy to digest.


Straw is a stalk and husk that covers around grains such as wheat and barley and is separated from the grain when threshed. Straw is an agricultural by-product.

Types of straw:

  • Chickpea straw
  • Wheat straw
  • Rice straw
  • Lentil straw
  • Straw barley
  • Oat straw
  • Straw enriched with urea
  • Sunflower stra


It is a plant of the bean family. In many parts of the world, this plant is used as an important forage crop and is used for and in the form of dry alfalfa, silage and also in the production of green manure.

Beet pulp:

Sugar beet pulp can be used as a digestible feed and source of calcium in animal feed. When sugar and other extractable substances are extracted from sugar beet with water, Beet pulp is obtained. Beet pulp after drying by special machines,

It comes in the form of wires, flakes and molds, in the production of which molasses is sometimes used.

Fish powder:

Fish powder is a processed solid product obtained by dewatering, cooking, separating, drying, and grinding fish or its waste. Fish meal has high levels of essential amino acids such as lysine, which are found in grain products that are less commonly found in most animals.

Fish meal as a rich source of protein plays an important role in feeding livestock, poultry and aquatic animals.


Concentrate is also used in animal feed and is a food for animal feed. Concentrates in animal feed contain all the materials needed for animal fattening and have more than 7% of protein and 18% of fiber.

The concept of concentrate in poultry feed is different from that in livestock feed. Minerals and minerals and phosphorus and calcium and.

The main use of the word concentrate is in animal and poultry feed, and then in the food industry.

Barley cereals:

It is used as a food source for energy and protein, and has more protein, methionine, lysine, cysteine ​​and tryptophan than corn, and less amino acids lysine and vitamins E, D, A and minerals such as calcium in the barley cereals. It is a grain of corn, but because it ferments quickly, it improves the absorption of microbial nutrients in sheep and other livestock.

Rice bran:

This powdery and milky substance, which is sometimes ground with fine rice grains, has a light brown color and has several properties for animal feed.

The properties of rice bran for animal feed can be summarized as follows: Minerals and nutrients:

Includes iodine, iron, manganese, flora, minerals, vitamins B1, B2, B5, E, and A as well as the presence of fats, fruits, fiber, sugar and carbohydrates.

Wheat bran:

Wheat bran is the husk attached to the grain of wheat, which is produced in our country and other parts of the world for animal feed. This food, like rice bran, has many nutrients and minerals, the most important properties of which are regulating the body’s digestive system and also relieving constipation.

Numerous benefits of wheat bran for livestock include phosphorus, zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamins B, E, fiber, gluten, fluorine, silica.

Aquatic food:

Aquatic food can be found in different shapes and sizes, depending on the type and age of the fish.

Different forms of aquatic food:

1- Wet foods

2- Dry foods